• The Website of Norman Biggs
    The recognised authority on British Apothecaries Weights is Professor Norman Biggs, Professor of Mathematics, London School of Economics. His book “Apothecaries Weights – an Outline Catalogue” is a must for any collector and his numbering system is the standard and that used by this site.  I am most grateful for his kindness and help. For more information on Norman Biggs please see his web site.
    “Apothecaries Weights – an Outline Catalogue” may be purchased from Galata for 4.50 UKPounds plus postage. At this site you will see advertised Norman Biggs other books on weights.
  • The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (Europe)
    The ISASC is a must for the serious collector of Scales or Weights and their web site is well worth a visit and I recommend joining . I visited one of their weekend meetings in England some years ago and was most impressed by their knowledge, friendliness and help – not to mention the gaps in my collection which I filled!
  • English Weights & Measures
    Another important resource, a collaboration between Norman Biggs and Brian Parkin, is “British Weights: Names of Makers, etc.” which is part of the “English Weights & Measures” site.